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The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Radiant White BB + Brightening Foam Cleanser

The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Radiant White BB + Brightening Foam Cleanser

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The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Seol Brightening Foam Cleanser 180ml/Sebum/Pore

All Products, Brightening and Uneven Skin Tone, Cleanser, Early Signs of Aging, Gongjinhyang: Radiant Brightening, Hydration

This brightening cleanser lathers into rich foam, effectively removes impurities and surface oils.


180 ml (6.09 fl.oz)

Product Main Specifications: All Skin Types

Instantly brighten your skin with the history of Whoo's Gongjinhyang Seol Brightening Cleansing Foam, which will clear away any grease, sebum or impurities. Injected with Vitamin B5, this one will boost elasticity and firmness while keeping your skin hydrated.

The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Radiant White BB(SPF 45/PA+++) 40ml /1.35

This is whitening BB cream, which creates colorful and moist skin by light closeness on the skin. Not only this will brighten and fix the skin tone by powdery feelings but also blocks harmful UV rays by excellent UV protection feature and make the skin to be like white pearl by calming the skin by Gamguk extract and pearl ingredient.


Makes sleek skin tone while supplying moisture with protecting against UV rays.

After basic skin care, apply a small amount of product to hands and spread evenly across facial surface.

40ml / 1.35 fl. oz

SPF45 / PA+++

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