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Sum 37-Su:m 37 Secret Special Set/Toner+Emulsion+Travel Kits/Moisturizer/Firming

Sum 37-Su:m 37 Secret Special Set/Toner+Emulsion+Travel Kits/Moisturizer/Firming

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Cytosis®, completed with the life energy of nature, long waiting and sincerity, was upgraded and reborn through rhythmic fermentation containing the flow of light and sound.

It makes your skin magically clear and beautiful with the secret energy of nature and fermentation.

This Secret Special Set comes with:

Secret Balancing Toner 150ml + 20ml

Secret Enhancing Emulsion 120ml + 20ml

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Secret Balancing Toner: With light and non-sticky texture that provides a well-prepared foundation for skin care routine.

Secret Enhancing Emulsion: Strengthens the skin barrier and provides a long-lasting moisturizing effect which soothes sensitive skin.

Secret Cream: With highly concentrated nutrients that cover every layer of the skin, leaving the skin with a healthy looking glow.

Summa Elixir Essence: Helps improve 8 major skin concerns including moisture, lifting, elasticity, wrinkle, radiance, pore, skin texture and barrier.

Losec Summa Golden Lip Palette: Creates refreshing lip look.

How to use:

Apply an appropriate amount of content on the skin follow by toner, essence, emulsion then cream.

With natural and fermentation energy, you can balance your skin to complete your skin without collapsing.

The secret essence for beautiful skin is more moisturizing and firm.

It completes a balanced skin base.

The precious ingredient obtained from 37° of fermentation, perm balance™

With 10 years of secret fermentation research and traditional pottery fermentation techniques,

Fermented lactic acid lysate helps with skin irritation.

It enhances the natural strength of the skin.

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