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Sum 37 Blossom garden moisturizing Eye Cream 20ml+Best Essence Gift Kits/ Su:m37

Sum 37 Blossom garden moisturizing Eye Cream 20ml+Best Essence Gift Kits/ Su:m37

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Su:m37 Blossom garden moisturizing Eye Cream 20ml

Anti-aging cream for the skin around the eyes with hibiscus extract. Moisturizes, tightens, removes dark circles.

Hibiscus extract contains a complex of malic, tartaric,

citric and hibiscic acids, polysaccharides, sterols and flavonoids is a natural

source of vitamin C. It has a long moisturizing and antioxidant effect,

prevents aging, deeply cleanses the skin from dead cells and reduces pores,

slows down the formation of comedones. It is widely used in cosmetics for the care

of combination and oily skin.

In addition, the fermented hibiscus extract has a beneficial

effect on age skin, especially in the periods of premenopause and menopause,

improves blood microcirculation, has a relaxing effect on muscles, which allows

you to get some btx effect. Thanks to the natural fermentation process, all

beneficial substances penetrate the skin much easier and deeper.

Means of the line also have a pronounced detox effect. The

cream effectively nourishes and moisturizes tired skin, restores vitality to

it. It is absorbed well, without excessive oily skin and stickiness. 

Volume 20ml

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