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Soflisse Foot Peeling Double Essence Mask 10ct/Exfoliating/Smooth Feet/Anti-odor

Soflisse Foot Peeling Double Essence Mask 10ct/Exfoliating/Smooth Feet/Anti-odor

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Soflisse Foot Peeling Double Essence Mask 10ct

【MOST IDEAL FOOT PEEL MASK FOR FOOT EXFOLIATOR]】Use a foot peeling mask when you need intensive moisturizing and peeling care on dead skin, cracked heels and callouses.

【PLANT & FRUIT EXTRACTS INGREDIENTS】 Menthol and peppermint leaf extract make the entire foot pleasant and refreshing. Allantoin, a plant-extracted ingredient, reduces skin irritation and breaks down dead skin cells. Exfoliating ingredients are extracted from grapes, oranges, apples, limes and lemons to remove calluses from the skin.Cypress water extracted from cypress trees reduces unpleasant odors and helps clean the skin.

【BABY SOFT SMOOTH FEET】 Exfoliating Foot Peeling Mask provides a treatment that exfoliates your feet, making them soft like baby feet in 1-2 weeks.

【EASY TO USE】 After wearing a foot mask for 40 minutes to 1 hour and washing it with warm water, after 4 to 5 days, the dead skin cells begin to peel off, revealing glowing skin like baby feet without pain or


【ALL TYPES OF SKIN】 Any kind of skin can be used.

Sofless is a compound word of SOFT+LISSE that expresses the desire to make your hands and feet softer and smoother.

Q'ty 10 sheets.


The fruit acid complex extraction ingredient has a peeling effect to remove dead skin cells and simultaneously cool down and soothe the skin with cypress water and menthol ingredients.

Refreshing cooling effect: menthol and peppermint leaf extract give you a refreshing feeling and help your uncomfortable feet feel refreshed and comfortable.

Exfoliating: Extract natural exfoliating ingredients from grapes, oranges, limes, apples and lemons to remove dead skin cells.

Stimulation: Allantoin, a plant extract, reduces irritation to the skin and decomposes dead skin cells.

Anti-odor: Cypress water extracted from cypress reduces unpleasant odors and helps clean skin.

Moisturizing the skin: The urea ingredient softens and relieves dead skin cells, and forms a moisturizing film to maintain moisture.

Skin soothing: Allantoin, a plant extract, relaxes and relaxes your skin.

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