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Primera Men Organience Moisturizing Emulsion 150ml

Primera Men Organience Moisturizing Emulsion 150ml

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Primera Men Organience Moisturizing Emulsion 150ml

- An emulsion for men’s sensitive skin that supplies ample moisture and finishes smoothly without extra shine. - Supply Moisture / Soothes Skin - primera Men’s Relief ComplexTM and lavender extracts comfort men’s rough skin for healthier and more revitalized skin. - The strong moisturizing effect of marronnier seed and shea butter extract makes skin elastic and healthy. - Bitter herb extracts soothe your skin and control skin balance for healthier skin. [How to use] - After skin (water), release an appropriate amount onto your palm and apply along skin texture  

every morning and evening.

Fluffy Nutrition Lotion

Freshly absorbed with powerful moisturizing effects

Male Emulsion

Citrus Floral Woody

Bergamot, rosemary, lavender, geranium, rose, frankincense, and patchouli combine to provide a natural fragrance suitable for men.


No Parabens, mineral-free oils, synthetic pigments, artificial scents.

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