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IOPE Air Cushion 15g/Natural/Long lasting/Korea/Season 5

IOPE Air Cushion 15g/Natural/Long lasting/Korea/Season 5

Giá thông thường $35.50 USD
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi $35.50 USD
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IOPE Aircushion Cushion

[Cover] It is an air cushion that expresses bright skin for a long time with its tight coverage that is super close to the skin.

[Natural] It's an air cushion with a moist and thin texture that has a natural correction effect and a clear glow.

Product Configuration

Air Cushion Main product 15 g 

Product Features


Long lasting cover without worrying about darkening

Fresh matte finish

Ultra-adhesive formulation with less smudging


Moisturizer Double Coated Particles for Bright and Moisturizing Skin

Smooth and natural glow

12-hour water-oil balance

I recommend it to people like this.


For those who want bright makeup without darkening,

For those who want light and light makeup that doesn't feel rough,

For those who want makeup that doesn't leave a stain on it


For those who want smooth and glossy skin,

If you want to give your skin a life immediately,

For those who want thin and light makeup that's not stuffy,

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