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Duft & Doft Body Spray Clean Woody 250ml /8.45fl.oz./Deodorant/Long Lasting

Duft & Doft Body Spray Clean Woody 250ml /8.45fl.oz./Deodorant/Long Lasting

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Duft & Doft Body Spray Clean Woody 250ml /8.45fl.oz.

For all skin types


A clear and refreshing herb woody scent as if waking up in a forest full of pine incense

[Skin hypoallergenic test completed]


Spray lightly at a distance of 20-30 cm to the entire body except for the face or where the body odor is concerned.

Composed of plant-derived ingredients 


Helps with body odor care and moisturizing

Fennel Seed Extract

Celery Extract

Hinoki Cypress leaf

Lime Extract

Grapefruit Extract

Green Tea Extract

"Long-Lasting Technology" for coating fragrance capsules 

It is delivered to the skin without dispersing in the air, providing a higher level of durability.

Skin irritation test completed

Little stickiness

It doesn't matter if you spray it on your hair or clothes.

However, please spray bright clothes at 30-40cm intervals as they may cause stains or stains.

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