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Dr.G Green Deep Pore Clear Cleansing Foam 200ml+Cleansing Oil 210ml/Blackhead

Dr.G Green Deep Pore Clear Cleansing Foam 200ml+Cleansing Oil 210ml/Blackhead

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Dr.G Green Deep Cleansing Oil 210ml

Excellent usability in items such as cleaning power, comfort, and hypoallergenic.

01 From makeup to blackhead 

One Step Deep Cleansing

02 Plant-derived ingredients

hypoallergenic cleansing

03 Multi-probio component

Protecting the Skin Barrier

One Step Deep Cleansing

If it's a green deep cleansing oil that emulsifies quickly,

Makeup, fine dust, and blackheads all at once

You can cleanse your face

Cleaning power verified by human body application test

Cleaning 90% of my makeup

87% fine dust cleaning

Blackhead reduced by 34%

Hypoallergenic Test Complete


Protecting the Skin Barrier


Skin balance care

The package is 

It is made of FSC certified eco-friendly paper and soy ink. 

How to use 

Step 1. Pump an appropriate amount and spread it all over your dry face to gently massage

Step 2. Put water on your hands and massage your face again for 30 seconds to go through the emulsification process


Step 3. Rinse it with lukewarm water

Dr.G Green Deep Pore Clear Cleansing Foam 200ml

1. With flour sprout

Cleaning of pore wastes

2. Even the pores that are stretched out

Tight pore care

3. Makeup all at once

Hypoallergenic Deep Cleansing

Stretched pore by pore waste

Oily skin with excessive sebum

Who want a clean and refreshing deep cleansing,


Sensitive skin requiring hypoallergenic cleansing

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