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Chosungah TM Master Megafit Stick Foundation SPF50+ PA++++16g/M Brush/Semi Matte

Chosungah TM Master Megafit Stick Foundation SPF50+ PA++++16g/M Brush/Semi Matte

Giá thông thường $38.90 USD
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi $38.90 USD
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Chosungah TM Megafit Stick Foundation SPF50+ PA++++16g/M Brush / Semi Matte

#MegaClose #MegaSustained #MegaCover

Whitening/Improving wrinkles/UV protection triple functional cosmetics

Season 6 upgrade! 

Moisturizing essence 34% or more

Upgrade the brush with 100,000 brushes!


When you want to express your skin with super adhesion

When you want smooth and silky skin

If you want flawless makeup that covers blemishes, pores, and wrinkles

When you want quick makeup


Anti-Sebum, Complex, 

Natural ingredients other than arrowroot extract

Provence rose flower extract


Oligohyaluronic acid

Piracanthaportuneana Fruit Extract

Fermented oil complex 7,

Extract of plant-derived ingredients other than green tea seed oil


Phytoxin - Ginkgo Tree Leaf Extract

Moisturizing essence and foundation

Contains raw materials for dry skin!

Cover it moist and smooth


Pigment Clumps > Reduced Coverage


Remove Pigment Clumps > Improve Coverage

It melts as soon as the coated pigments touch the skin temperature 

It is applied without clumping between the fine pores to make the skin smoother.

100,000 brushes with M shape

It adheres up! Coverage up!

The M-shaped brush in the middle covers curved areas such as jawline and cheekbones, and neatly covers under the eyes and around the mouth with points rising at both ends

Smooth skin texture that completes easily and quickly!


Number 00: Forslin

Bright Ivory tinge without yellow

No. 01 Natural Ivory

Natural flesh-colored ivory color that is neither red nor yellow

No. 02. Natural beige

Healthy beige ivory tusk that is calm and natural without darkness


After opening the 01 cap, turn the top of the container to take out the appropriate amount of contents and apply it from the inside to the outside.

Use the M-shaped brush at the bottom of the container to spread it according to the skin texture.

Put the 03 brush on top and tap to finish it close together.


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