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(1+1)Illiyoon-Ceramide Ato Bubble Wash & Shampoo 27 fl.oz./Dry/Sensitive

(1+1)Illiyoon-Ceramide Ato Bubble Wash & Shampoo 27 fl.oz./Dry/Sensitive

Giá thông thường $44.50 USD
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi $44.50 USD
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Illiyoon-Ceramide Ato Bubble Wash & Shampoo 27 fl.oz.

After the renewal, the plastic packaging was removed to reduce waste for environmental protection.

Products without plastic packaging (shrinkable film) are also genuine, so please use it with confidence. 

#Bubble type


#From head to toe

1. Worry about eye contact down

2. Validated hypoallergenic formula

3. Skin barrier protection mild mild acidic

4. Clean and unscented

5. All-in-one washing from head to toe


Gentle wash that doesn't sting your eyes

So that your precious child can wear it 

Pediatric skin test completed

It protects the skin barrier 

Mild slightly acidic bubble wash

"If it's a wash for sensitive skin

Protects against skin barriers that can be damaged in the shower

Plant-derived ceramide

Weak Acidic bubble formulation

Wash for Hair & Body & Face / All-In-One


Morning cleansing foam


My baby's butt cleanser

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