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(1+1)d’Alba/dalba/Truffle SUPREME Mist Spray Serum 6.76 fl.oz/All-in-One/Season 3

(1+1)d’Alba/dalba/Truffle SUPREME Mist Spray Serum 6.76 fl.oz/All-in-One/Season 3

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(1+1)d’Alba/dalba/WhiteTruffle SUPREME Mist Spray Serum 100mlx2ea / Season 3


All skin types / Anti-Aging, Deep Moisturizing, Skin Energy Activating



3 Second-Moisturizing

After the cleansing, the sudden loss of skin oil and moisture is prevented in 3 seconds to relieve dehydration and maintain skin balance.

Deep Moisturizing

By using only pure vegetable oils such avocado and sunflower seed oils that do not block the pores It moisturizes your skin deeply.

Skin Energy Activating

It is a spray-type product containing bifida ferment lysate, chia seed extract and other ingredients That help to recharge your skin energy anywhere, anytime.

All In One Skincare

No additional skin care required. Even if you don’t apply toner and lotion, it moisturizes your skin sufficiently.

Safe Cosmetic

Since no chemical ingredients such as surfactants are added, it is separated into the upper Oil layer and the lower water layer. Shake well before use.


Spray onto face from a distance whenever your skin needs refreshing

Tested by dermatologists for low irritating. Skin patch test results: ‘Zero irritating’

Formulated without 20 harmful ingredients. Good for trouble, sensitive skin

Antioxidant serum

- Wrinkle Care

- Brightening/Whitening

#Vegan Collagen

#No Animal Ingredients


#Antioxidant Serum

#All in One Serum 

                  / Mist+Essence+Serum+Toner

#Vegan Serum

#Radiant and Firming


It has officially received Italian V-LABEL vegan certification.


1. Trufferol

White Truffle

Italian white truffle

2. Vitamin E Tocopherol 

It prevents evaporation of moisture and keeps your skin moisturized for a long time.

3. d'Alba Signature Oil

Italian olive oil, Italian macadamia seed oil, stone bean oil, avocado oil, camellia seed oil, vitamin tree fruit oil, moonflower oil, sunflower seed oil, anato seed oil, and jojoba seed oil

- Scant

Aromatic Citrus Floral

- LORA Anti-S

It's a patent ingredients.

It helps to soothe sensitive skin.

- IndimultiEX WH-9 Complex(N)

Flower ingredients from nature help your skin stay healthy.

- IndimultiEx Herb-11 Complex

Herb ingredients from nature help calm down angry skin.

The natural ingredients help hydrate your skin.

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