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1+1/Danahan Red Ginseng Vinegar Eye Cream 30mlx2ea/Korea/Wrinkle/Brightening

1+1/Danahan Red Ginseng Vinegar Eye Cream 30mlx2ea/Korea/Wrinkle/Brightening

Giá thông thường $23.50 USD
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi $23.50 USD
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Brand Story


The beauty of completing the course of nature.
It embraces the wisdom of thousands of years of natural oriental medicine and modern skin science as one, and at the same time contains Danahan's will to reinterpret traditional and modern natural beauty to make it one.

Care for soft and dry skin around the eyes bright and elastic

#Wrinkle around the eyes
#Dark Spot
#Sensitive eyes

Complex care that brightens dark eyes
It moisturizes your eyes with Soothing effect
Safe use of Korean red ginseng after quality inspection by KGC Ginseng Corporation

Natural fermentation method

Nutritional ingredients that become more abundant through fermentation process

It is a fermented vinegar ingredient that adjusts the pH suitable for the skin.

8 ingredients derived from nature

Use a ring finger around the eyes and between the eyebrows to apply a small amount of it as if dotting it, and then carefully spread it.

Whitening functionality / Wrinkle improvement functionality
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