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[1+1] Charmzone Horse Oil Ampoule Golden Complex 100mlx2/Wrinkle/Brightening

[1+1] Charmzone Horse Oil Ampoule Golden Complex 100mlx2/Wrinkle/Brightening

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Charmzon Horse Oil Ampoule Golden Complex 100ml

Brand Story

37 years of trust and reliability

Chamzone, you'll know once you use it

All Koreans are familiar with this brand's products and have long been a popular brand.

It's a cost-effective product that everyone recognizes.

Product Configuration

Ampoule 100 ml × 2 ea

Product Features

Why Mayu cream?
It is an oil extracted from the fat layer of horse, a herbivore, and has long been widely used for skin protection in China, Japan, and India. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acid, a vegetable fat, and absorbs well, has less rejection, and catches the moisture evaporation of the skin, making the skin moist and firm for a long time.

Mayu composition similar to human geological structure
Blocking moisture evaporation!
Injecting nutrients!

1. Oil-water balance
2. Elastic skin
3. Soothing and moisturizing skin / 7 types of hyaluronic acid
4. Whitening and wrinkles at once

Raw materials

Canadian Horse Oil 1000 ppm
Plant Extract for calming 72.35%
99% Real Gold 50ppm


It contains a variety of nutritional ingredients and provides plenty of nutrients deep into the skin.

Whitening and Wrinkle Improvement Dual Function: Containing Niacinamide and Adenosine, the ingredients of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, make your skin bright and elastic.

Brightening, wrinkle improvement, and rich moisturization

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