Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Duo Set + Activating Serum 30ml
Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Duo Set + Activating Serum 30ml
Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Duo Set + Activating Serum 30ml
Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Duo Set + Activating Serum 30ml
Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Duo Set + Activating Serum 30ml
Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Duo Set + Activating Serum 30ml

Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Duo Set + Activating Serum 30ml

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Snowise Brightening Set (2 items)

A gel-textured brightening toner tidies up rough skin
and helps to enhance the look of skin brightness

Clear and translucent look with White Cloud Grass

White cloud grass (Broussonetia kazinoki) root extract helps to alleviate skin’s dullness caused by harmful irritants, and enhances your skin for a clear and translucent look.
[Brightening Cosmetics] Sulwhasoo’s Snowise Brightening Water is enriched with white cloud grass.

Mulberry root guarantees hydration

Snowise Brightening Water contains mulberry root extract.
It offers deep hydration and soothes the texture of your skin.
By doing so, it helps boost the effect of product that follows Snowise Brightening Water, brightening.

Essential gel-type texture for fast absorption

Snowise Brightening Water’s texture achieves a golden ratio between translucence and thickness in a gel-type texture. It absorbs quickly and leaves a light finish and a feeling of rich hydration for your skin.

How to use

Use after First Care Activating Serum in the morning and evening.
Dispense onto palm and spread over the face, starting from the center of your face to the edge.
After applying, gently pat your face to allow for better absorption.

Snowise Brightening Water


This treatment water laced with antioxidant-rich white ginseng saponin and brightening mulberry root extract relieves dryness, clarifies, and helps improve overall tone, giving skin a radiant glass-skin glow.

How to use:

After using First Care Activating Serum, dispense a moderate amount on your palms and spread evenly across starting from the center of your face. Gently tap your skin to boost absorption.

Snowise Brightening Emulsion


Depositing powerful ingredients like pigment-reducing white cloud grass extract and brightening green tea extract, this whisper-weight, quick-absorbing emulsion promotes the lightening of surface spots while also preventing the formation of pigment in the first place. With daily use, skin looks more luminous, even, healthy, and translucent.

How to use:

Use after applying Snowise Brightening Serum, day and night. Pump a moderate amount onto your hands and gently spread across your face.

Weight or Volume Main Product: Snowise Brightening Water 125ml, Snowise Brightening Emulsion 125ml / Sample: Snowise Brightening Water 15ml, Snowise Brightening Serum 8ml, Snowise Brightening Emulsion 15ml, Snowise Brightening Cream 5ml, Snowise Brightening UV Protector No.2 Soft Peach SPF50+/PA+++ 5ml
Product Main Specifications All Skin Types
Usage Time (Usage time after opening) 1 year after opening / The date of manufacture is difficult to mark since it frequently changes. 
Directions of Use Snowise Brightening Water: After using First Care Activating Serum EX at mornings/evenings, take a suitable amount on hands and softy spread from inner to outer corner of face. Lightly pat for absorption. Snowise Brightening Emulsion: After using Snowise Brightening Serum, pump a suitable amount and slowly spread, following the skin texture.
Manufacturer and Distributor Amore Pacific Co., Ltd. / SK E&C
Manufacturing Country Republic of Korea
Snowise Brightening Water: Purified Water, Ethanol, Betaine, etc.
정제수, 에탄올, 피이지/피피지-17/6코폴리머, 백화사설초추출물, 베타인, 프로판디올, 부틸렌글라이콜, 감초추출물,작약추출물, 연꽃추출물, 옥죽추출물, 마돈나백합비늘줄기추출물, 지황추출물, 꿀, 하이드롤라이즈드인삼사포닌, 인삼추출물, 닥나무뿌리추출물,뽕나무뿌리추출물, 에칠헥실글리세린, 1,2-헥산디올, 메톡시피이지-114/폴리엡실론카프롤락톤, 비스-피이지-18메칠에텔디메칠실란, 피이지-60하이드로제네이티드캐스터오일, 하이드록시에칠아크릴레이트/소듐아크릴로일디메칠타우레이트코폴리머, 디소듐이디티에이, 페녹시에탄올, 향료

Snowise Brightening Emulsion: Purified Water, Propanediol, Squalane, etc.
정제수, 프로판디올, 스쿠알란, 백화사설초추출물, 디메치콘, 부틸렌글라이콜, 감초추출물,메도우폼씨오일, 글리세린, 작약추출물, 연꽃추출물, 옥죽추출물, 마돈나백합비늘줄기추출물, 지황추출물, 꿀, 녹차추출물, 인삼추출물, 하이드롤라이즈드인삼사포닌, 뽕나무뿌리추출물, 쉐어버터, 1,2-헥산디올, C12-20알킬글루코사이드, C14-22알코올, 글리세릴스테아레이트, 글리세릴카프릴레이트, 라우릭애씨드, 메톡시피이지-114/폴리엡실론카프롤락톤, 미리스틱애씨드, 베헤닐알코올, 스테아릭애씨드, 아라키딜글루코사이드, 아라키딜알코올, 에칠헥실글리세린, 잔탄검, 카보머, 카프릴릴글라이콜, 트로메타민, 팔미틱애씨드, 하이드로제네이티드레시틴, 디소듐이디티에이, 페녹시에탄올, 향료
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Functionality Certified Whitening Functionality
1. It is recommended that customers should not apply it on the part where you have a scar, eczema, or dermatitis.
2. Customers should stop using the product if the followings occur and continuously using the product will only worsen the situation. If problems occur, consult a dermatologist.
1) When you feel irregular responses on your skin such as irritation, itching or rash.
2) When the above symptoms occur on the part of the skin where the product is applied by direct sunlight.
3. Caution for treatment and storage
1) Tighten the lid after using it.
2) Keep away from the reach of children.
3) Do not keep it in places where the temperature is extremely hot or low and exposed to the direct sunlight.
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Quality Assurance Standards For defective products, compensation will be made according to the Standards noticed by Ebay.



Customer notices
  • Actual product may differ from images shown.
  • According to the Customs Act and related rules, customers are limited to change colors and sizes of the products that have already picked up.

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum 30ml

Best-selling essence sold every 10 seconds*

  • - 400,000 customers who have purchased a minimum of 10 bottles**

  • - Ranked 1st in the boosting essence category for 9 consecutive years***

  • - First product to reach KRW 3 trillion in cumulative sales****

*Based on domestic cumulative sales from January to December 2018 **Based on internally extracted
AmorePacific data for customers who purchased the First Care Activating Serum from its first release in 1997 to 2019
***Kantar 2012~2020, based on domestic purchase amount ****Based on product sales within AmorePacific from its first release in 1997 to August 2020

Youth Master Technology™ developed by Sulwhasoo as the
world’s first anti-aging Skin moisture barrier technology of its kind
Sulwhasoo spent 24 years of research into Korean herbal medicine and its anti-aging technology for the skin moisture barrier. When the "skin moisture barrier master key" is activated, the vitality hidden inside your skin awakens and protects the skin moisture barrier inside and out.
Stronger and more radiant-looking skinNatural capacity to Deliver stronger and more radiant-looking skin.
Using the First Care Activating Serum
  • - Improved skin condition (following day) 97%

  • - Firmer looking skin (following day) 94%

* Based on an independent consumer study on 539 Asian womenbetween ages 30 and 40, after 4 weeks (total of 4 weeks HUT)
Fresh and soothing signature fragrance and textureA formula technology that helps the serum to absorbs quickly and refreshingly into various skin types. Combined with a soothing fragrance, it boosts sensory satisfaction for all customers.
Nutrient-rich resilience synergy serum duoEnjoy more benefits with the Sulwhasoo serum duo. Reinforce the skin moisture barrier with the First Care Activating Serum, and improve its resilience with the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum.

Formulated with JAUM Balancing Complex™, a potent cocktail of five Korean herbs, this unique prepping serum designed to be the first step post-cleanse that hydrates, nourishes and visibly firms, while boosting absorption of subsequent products that are applied on top.


This post-cleanse, preparatory product is designed to create the ideal canvas and boost the effectiveness of skin care that is applied afterwards like serum or moisturizer. 

The secret is in JAUM Balancing Complex™, a potent cocktail of five Korean herbs that hydrates, nourishes, and visibly firms.


  1. This much-heralded, best-selling serum is the secret step to getting a smooth, glass skin-level glow. A proprietary blend of agents works to improve overall texture and tone and boost moisture. 
  2. Skin is more receptive to any topical products applied afterwards, helping them absorb better for amplified results.

How to use:

  1. After your morning and evening cleansing ritual, apply three pumps to damp skin with your fingertips and press serum into skin with an open palm for optimal absorption.
  2. Warm First Care Activating Serum into palms and gently apply to face.

First Peace Ritual with First Care Activating Serum