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The History of Whoo Seol Radiant White Moisture Cream 60ml Set+Eye Cream 50EA

The History of Whoo Seol Radiant White Moisture Cream 60ml Set+Eye Cream 50EA

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The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Moisture Cream 60ml+Kit

This brightening cream helps deliver refreshing moisture to help hydrate and refine the complexion. It minimizes lifeless, and uneven skin tone resulting in a bright, transparent and youthful glow.

Main Item 

* Brightening Cream 60ml 

* Balancer 20ml 

* Emulsion 20ml 

* Essence 5ml 

* Moisture Cream 4ml 

* Cleansing Foam 40ml

Product Main Specifications: All Skin Types

Usage Time (Usage time after opening):

12 months after opening / The date of manufacture is difficult to mark since it frequently changes. 

Directions of Use:

  • After using Radiant White Emulsion, pump 1~2 times of the eye serum and softly spread on eye area, including eyelids and beneath eyes.

Manufacturing Country: Republic of Korea


  • Purified Water, Glycerin, Dimethicone, etc.

정제수, 글리세린, 디메치콘, 프로판디올, 디페닐실록시페닐트리메치콘, 나이아신아마이드, 카프릴릴메치콘, 메칠트리메치콘, 판테놀, 소듐클로라이드, 인삼추출물, 진주추출물, 모과추출물, 감나무잎추출물, 육계추출물, 애엽추출물, 감국추출물, 녹차추출물, 마돈나백합꽃추추물, 국화꽃추출물, 리치열매추출물, 대추추출물, 각시둥굴레뿌리줄기/뿌리추출물, 용안육추출물, 클로브싹추출물, 백단향추출물, 감송향추출물, 생강추출물, 만다린껍질추출물, 회향추출물, 배초향추출물, 복령추출물, 상백피추출물, 은행추출물, 질려자추출물, 백렴뿌리추출물, 일당귀추출물, 산수유추출물, 녹용추출물, 선백리향추출물, 세드롤, 참마뿌리추출물, 감초추출물, 애기부들이삭추출물, 작약추출물, 맥문동추출물, 디메치콘/피이지-10/15크로스폴리머, 디메치콘/페닐비닐디메치콘크로스폴리머, 1,2-헥산디올, 부틸렌글라이콜, 보론나이트라이드, 소듐시트레이트, 피이지-10디메치콘, 티타늄디옥사이드, 시트릭애씨드, 향료, 벤질벤조에이트, 시트로넬올, 제라니올, 헥실신남알, 리모넨, 리날룰

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Functionality Certified: Whitening Functionality


1. It is recommended that customers should stop using the product if the followings occur and continuously using the product will only worsen the situation. If problems occur, consult a dermatologist.

1) When you feel irregular responses on your skin such as irritation, itching or rash.

2) When the above symptoms occur on the part of the skin where the product is applied by direct sunlight.

2. Do not apply it on the part where you have a scar, eczema, or dermatitis.

3. Caution for treatment and storage

1) Tighten the lid after using it.

2) Keep away from the reach of children.

3) Do not keep it in places where the temperature is extremely hot or low and exposed to the direct sunlight.

The history of Whoo - Gongjinhyang Qi And Jin Eye Cream 50ml/50pcs

This energizing eye cream delivers firming and moisturizing benefits to sagging and thin fragile skin, and helps minimize the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.

Take a small amount of product and gently dab around the eyes in circular motion. 

Brand Story
The History of Whoo collection is the modern reinterpretation of traditional beauty secrets from the Korean royal courts. 
The brand combines the benefits of Eastern herbal medicine with modern science.
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