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The History of Whoo Jinyulhyang Intensive Revitalizing Cream 50ml+Sulwhasoo 4Kit

The History of Whoo Jinyulhyang Intensive Revitalizing Cream 50ml+Sulwhasoo 4Kit

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The History of Whoo Jinyulhyang Jinyul Intensive Revitalizing Cream 50ml / 1.7 fl. oz

Enriched with red ginseng extracts and other Korean herbal ingredients, this cream moisturizes and fights signs and aging, leaving skin soft and firm.

Protects and soothes your skin from environmental damage, and offers deep hydration.

Used at the last stage of skin care, dispense appropriate amount to apply over your face.

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The lifting of skin’s Firming
Net is a newly found care for the skin

Stronger, firmer looking skin that protects the skin from external stimuli

The Essential Firming Cream EX carefully improves skin with signs of aging.
It creates a foundation for your skin that stays strong and protect the skin from external stimuli.

JISUN Firming Complex™, the foundation of skin resilience

The JISUN Firming Complex™ is a herbal complex developed by Sulwhasoo.
It restores your skin's lack of resilience by adding substances derived from Black Soybeans and Arrowroot,
along with powerful Goji Berries. It restores your skin’s resilience to make it look smooth and revitalized.

A special texture that envelops the skin delicately, and dissolves into the skin softly

The Essential Firming Cream EX gently immerses onto your skin immediately upon application.
It envelops your skin smoothly and delicately along its natural grain, and absorbs deep inside to help maximize your skin’s resilience at the same time.


Apply an appropriate amount on your forehead, on both cheeks, and below your chin at the cream step of your beauty routine.
Then, gently spread the product across your entire face along the grain of your skin.

Specifications of

Brand : sulwhasoo 

Skin Concerns : Dryness,Fine Lines & Wrinkles Skin Care 

Benefits : Firming/Lifting Pack Type : Single Item 

Travel Size : Regular size 

Brand Classification : Premium 

Model : Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream EX 75ML 

Skin Type : Combination,Normal,Oily,Dry 

Product  Form : Cream 

Sulwhasoo Ginseng Renewing Skincare Sample Set/Expiry 2025

Sulwhasoo Ginseng Renewing Toner 25ml
Sulwhasoo Ginseng Renewing Emulsion 25ml
Sulwhasoo Ginseng Renewing Cream 5ml
Sulwhasoo Ginseng Renewing Serum 5ml


An anti-aging toner rich in precious Steamed Ginseng Water Concentrate™  to help provide moisture to dry skin and prepare complexion for next step

Steamed Ginseng Water Concentrate™, the precious ingredient obtained by condensing the rich moisture and nutrients of ginseng

1.5 times stronger Steamed Ginseng Water Concentrate™
Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Water EX features Sulwhasoo's Steamed Ginseng Water Concentrate™, which contains rich moisturizing and nourishing substances extracted from Ginseng.
Steamed Ginseng Water Concentrate™ produced with extreme care using Sulwhasoo’s technology is now 1.5 times more powerful compared to its previous iteration, allowing it to create a visibly firmer and healthier skin base.

Ginseng water, the ingredient that helps provide moisture and firm the look of skin, is condensed into Steamed Ginseng Water Concentrate™. With our cutting-edge technology and devotion, Sulwhasoo has infused the Steamed Ginseng Water Concentrate™ into Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Water.

Basic skin care for moisturizing-nourishing-firming looking skin

Steamed Ginseng Water Concentrate™ makes the skin feel firm by helping to provide moisture and nourishment to dry, flaky skin.

A gel-type toner that combines feeling of elasticity and moisture

With the oil-like, smooth texture, Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Water helps your skin moisturized and supple. The elastic texture of the toner can be felt from the tip of your fingers.

How to Use

After cleansing, dispense an appropriate amount onto the palm and gently apply in the direction of the skin texture.

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