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Sum37 Losec Summa Elixir 5Pcs Travel Kit-Gift /Toner+Emulsion+Cream+Serum+Eye

Sum37 Losec Summa Elixir 5Pcs Travel Kit-Gift /Toner+Emulsion+Cream+Serum+Eye

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su:m37 - Losec Summa Elixir 5Pcs Special Gift 

- Losec summa elixir Skin softener 25ml   

Rich nourishing formula smoothly spreads and instantly absorbs to the skin delivering dewy moisture.

High viscous essential formula.

Improves wrinkles.

Instant skin balance.

Skin regeneration, skin purification.

A clear gel type anti-aging toner with rich nourishment and soft application.

- Losec summa elixir essence secreta 

Highly concentrated fermented serum with a synergy effect through the fusion of traditional medicinal technology of the East and West delivers intensive care for the traces of aging.

- Losec summa elixir emulsion 25ml 

A highly nourishing anti-aging emulsion with natural fermented moisturizing ingredients that improve the moisture of the skin and keeps skin firm and supple.

Improves wrinkles

Balances oil and water

Adenosine (anti-wrinkle functional ingredient)

Softly applies and smoothly wraps around the skin for long lasting dewy, radiant skin

concentrated emulsion.

- Losec summa elixir eye cream 4ml 

The ultimate regenerating eye cream that delivers firming effects to the sensitive, sagging eye area and improves wrinkles.

* Improves wrinkles under the eyes.

* Increases elasticity.

* Skin regeneration, skin purification.

* A rich, concentrate formula that shimmers with radiance. Delicately and smoothly adheres to the sensitive skin around the eye area.

- Losec summa elixir cream 7ml

Soft wraps like silk to your skin and creates a moisturizing protection barrier so the next morning your skin feels firm and replenished from within and has a healthy, radiant glow

A rich concentrated golden cream formula.

Improves dermal density.

Increases elasticity.

Improves the skin barrier, increases regenerating ability.

The ultimate regenerating cream that purifies and heals sensitized skin from various stress in modern life.

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