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Sum 37 Su:m37 Water-full Intense Enriched Ampoule 15ml x 4p Set/Soothing/Firming

Sum 37 Su:m37 Water-full Intense Enriched Ampoule 15ml x 4p Set/Soothing/Firming

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Su:m37 Water-Full Intense Enriched Ampoule Set

Set Includes
Water-Full Intense Enriched Ampoule 15ml x4

A 4-week program with intense triple synergy which helps nourish, moisturize, increase the firmness of skin.
Fills your skin with moistures, and soothes your irritated skin.
Helps enhance your skin texture.

1 bottle per week - 4 weeks complete

How to use

1. After applying toner and before applying serum, apply a moderate amount in the order of cheeks, forehead, and chin every morning and evening.

2. Pat gently with your fingertips along the skin texture for better absorption.

About brand: su:m37
A subsidiary of LG Household & Health Care, Korean brand su:m37 offers a wide range of products including skin care, sun care and makeup. In skin care, the brand harnesses naturally fermented ingredients to develop gentle yet highly-effective products for healthy skin. Its patented ingredient Cytosis®, developed through natural fermentation, is a key component in many of the brand’s products such as the Secret Essence Mist and LosecSumma Elixir Cream. Other bestsellers include the Summa Elixir 8-Miracle Power Essence that offers potent anti-aging care. In makeup, popular items include the Time Energy Dazzling Moist Cushion and LosecSumma Velvet Cover Foundation.

Deep Origin of a Special Brand Name

 combines gentle, natural ingredients with natural fermentation process to revive the inherent power of skin. The wisdom of fermentation is also reflected in its brand name.

Natural Fermentation Research Center
Fermentation takes place in ´s Natural Fermentation Research Center, located in a clean, uncontaminated region of Korea (GangWon province), where there are no large-scale commercial facilities within 10km radius. Charcoals, fermenters made of oak, cedar and pottery are laid on the floor of the fermentation room to facilitate the fermentation of ingredients and natural microbes under optimal temperature and humidity. Then, the long wait of“Natural Fermentation”process begins.

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