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Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Emulsion+Balancing Water/No Case+Peel Off Mask 2EA

Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Emulsion+Balancing Water/No Case+Peel Off Mask 2EA

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No Case Box

Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Emulsion EX 125ML 

*A moisture-rich emulsion that absorbs quickly for soft and smooth skin.

*This essential lotion softens skin texture, providing rich moisture to leave skin dewy and smooth.

*Mountain Peony extract softens and refines skin texture while Yai Jiu Hua helps improve skin clarity.

Brand : sulwhasoo

Skin Concerns : Dryness,Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Skin Care Benefits : Moisturizing

Pack Type : Single Item

Travel Size : Regular size

Brand Classification : Premium

Model : Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Emulsion EX 125ML

Skin Type : Combination,Normal,Oily,Dry,Signs of Ageing

Product Form : Emulsion

Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Water EX 125ml -> 150ml [ Toner ] 

*A gel-textured toner that prepares skin for deep moisturization. 

*Contains Matrimony Vine properties that relax the skin while Purslane provides hydration, leaving your skin with a delicate veil of moisture.It absorbs quickly into the skin, leave skin hydrated and supple without any excess residue.

Specifications of Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Water EX 150ML [ Toner ] 

Brand : sulwhasoo 

Skin Concerns : Dryness,Dullness,Fine Lines & Wrinkles Skin Care 

Benefits : Moisturizing,Soothing 

Pack Type : Single Item 

Travel Size : Regular size

Brand Classification : Premium 

Skin Type : Combination,Normal,Oily,Dry,Signs of Ageing 

Product Form : Liquid

Product details of Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask EX 35ml /1.18 fl.oz x 2ea

Bodily Waste/Dead Skin Cell Care Peel-off Mask

The peel-off mask thoroughly removes dead skin and impurities for fine, clear and soft-textured skin.

Product Characteristics
옥용팩 제품 및 제형 이미지
Removes dead skin and bodily waste

Thanks to its elastic texture, the Clarifying Mask fits tightly onto the skin and adhere impurities and dead skin as it dries, thereby caring neat and tidy skin.

Achieves bright and clear skin with fresh herbal ingredients

The Clarifying Mask contains Solomon's Seal powder, which helps to improve rough skin affected by dead skin and impurities to clear and radiant skin.

Achieves smooth and fine-textured skin

The Clarifying Mask removes impurities and dead skin, then tightens up skin pores to deliver smooth and fine-textured skin appearance.

Proven Results

Satisfaction over product efficacies

* Test Subject: 45 persons, 35-49 years of age / Testing Period: January 16, 2020 ~ January 23, 2020 / Testing Institution: ACORN
How to Use

How to Use

  1. 1 STEP

    After using an emulsion product, apply the product in the order of cheek/chin → nose → forehead (avoid the eye area).

  2. 2 STEP

    Wait 20~30 minutes for the pack to dry.

  3. 3 STEP

    Peel the mask off from the top of the face to bottom of the face.

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum

 15ml x 2EA/30ml/1 fl oz

First Korean herbal medicine-based essence born from 24 years of research

1-in-60,000, the world’s first technology developed using a unique Skin moisture barrier master key. An essential anti-aging first essence that boosts your skin's potential using the Youth Master Technology to make your Skin looking healthier every day.

Best-selling essence sold every 10 seconds*

  • - 400,000 customers who have purchased a minimum of 10 bottles**

  • - Ranked 1st in the boosting essence category for 9 consecutive years***

  • - First product to reach KRW 3 trillion in cumulative sales****

*Based on domestic cumulative sales from January to December 2018 **Based on internally extracted
AmorePacific data for customers who purchased the First Care Activating Serum from its first release in 1997 to 2019
***Kantar 2012~2020, based on domestic purchase amount ****Based on product sales within AmorePacific from its first release in 1997 to August 2020
Youth Master Technology™ developed by Sulwhasoo as the
world’s first anti-aging Skin moisture barrier technology of its kind Sulwhasoo spent 24 years of research into Korean herbal medicine and its anti-aging technology for the skin moisture barrier. When the "skin moisture barrier master key" is activated, the vitality hidden inside your skin awakens and protects the skin moisture barrier inside and out.
Stronger and more radiant-looking skin Natural capacity to Deliver stronger and more radiant-looking skin.
Using the First Care Activating Serum
  • - Improved skin condition (following day) 97%

  • - Firmer looking skin (following day) 94%

* Based on an independent consumer study on 539 Asian womenbetween ages 30 and 40, after 4 weeks (total of 4 weeks HUT)
Fresh and soothing signature fragrance and texture A formula technology that helps the serum to absorbs quickly and refreshingly into various skin types. Combined with a soothing fragrance, it boosts sensory satisfaction for all customers.
Nutrient-rich resilience synergy serum duo Enjoy more benefits with the Sulwhasoo serum duo. Reinforce the skin moisture barrier with the First Care Activating Serum, and improve its resilience with the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum.
Sulwhasoo Heritage and Science Center The Sulwhasoo Heritage and Science Center is Sulwhasoo's research center that represents the beauty of oriental medicine science. From research on herbal ingredients, including ginseng, to the use of big data, the Sulwhasoo Heritage and Science Center studies traditional herbal ingredients and the latest developments in dermatology.

Even stronger Skin moisture barrier

56%* Improved skin barrier

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