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Soflisse Honey Paraffin Hand Spa Mask 10 Sheets/Nourishes nails/

Soflisse Honey Paraffin Hand Spa Mask 10 Sheets/Nourishes nails/

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Soflisse Honey Paraffin Hand Spa Mask 10ct

Professional Hand/Foot brand, Soflisse


【Warm SPA CARE】A DIY hand spa treatment that generates heat!


Luxurious paraffin care,

now in the comfort of your own home.

- Special Nail care

- Rich in nutrients

- Deep hydration

【Dry hands and nails】 Use regularly to cultivate softer hands and feet. 



【Recommended if】 

Cold hands with weak blood circulation!

Dry hands with cracked fingernails!

Hands that deserve professional treatment!

Q'ty 10 sheets.

Honey paraffin hand spa, which contains generous amounts of paraffin ingredients, softens the skin with instant high nutrition and high moisturizing care.

Fever care: It has an increasingly warm heating effect that promotes blood circulation in the hands and feet to relieve swelling.

Natural Moisturizing Honey Care: Honey extract, a natural moisturizing ingredient extracted from nature, provides nutrition and moisturizing care.

Cuticle Theorem: Allantoin helps smooth skin texture, and squalane makes skin flexible.

Moisture care: Hyaluronic acid attracts moisture from the air and hydrates hands/feet.

Hand/Toenail Care: It is a mask with excellent ingredients manufactured in Korea, and various nutrients take care of your hands/toenails.

Exfoliation: Urea softens and relieves dead skin cells and forms a moisturizing film to maintain moisture.


Skin stress care: Propolis helps soothe and relieve skin, and prevents moisture evaporation to moisturize skin.

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