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Yuhan Baeksuo Gold Women's Menopause 900mg x 60tb/Menopause Support/Korean Herbs

Yuhan Baeksuo Gold Women's Menopause 900mg x 60tb/Menopause Support/Korean Herbs

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Our All health Supplements are Branded Products certified to be produced in safe manufacturing facilities. 

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Yuhan Baeksuo Gold Women's Menopause 900mg x 60 Tablets

Baeksuo is one of the best-selling supplements for menopausal women in Korea and is easy to take

Yuhan Corporation is Korea's Best Pharmaceutical brand

Provide the best Products for the people

After returning from the USA in 1925, Dr. Ilhan New witnessed the hardship in his country under Japanese imperialism. He founded the Yuhan corporation in 1926 with the belief that only healthy people could reclaim their sovereignty and he sought to solve widespread public health problems. Over 80 years, the founding creed to make the best medicines and contribute to public health has been succeeded by us through our intense research and development activities and successful collaboration with multinational pharmaceutical companies. As a result, Yuhan is one of the most respected companies in Korea for 20 consecutive years, according to the annual Korean Management Association Consulting (KMAC) survey.

Yuhan has been playing active role in global citizenship since its foundation in 1926. Even before global citizenship was conceptualized, Dr. New believed that was the duty and responsibility of business to develop itself for the prosperity of all society, and his own personal commitment to this was the donation of all of his personal property throughout his life up until his death. Yuhan is continuously making its social contribution by establishing a system where part of the company’s profits is returned to society. This endeavor has been domestically and internationally recognized through various organizations and publications.

To help women overcome menopause, 
A wise choice

4 points

  • Baeksuo Complex Extract Recognized for Women's Menopause Functionality
  • 100% vegetable raw material with no estrogen receptor activity
  • Material stability certification
  • 30-Step Production and Quality Validation Process

  • Women in need of menopause care due to reduced female hormones
  • Any middle-aged woman who wants to stay healthy young
  • If you want to take care of your menopause health in advance,

Two pills a day is enough

1. Pregnant women and lactating women should avoid eating.
2. Consult an expert when taking anticoagulants, anti-thrombotic drugs, etc.
3. Allergic constitution, etc. may overreact depending on the individual.
4. In the event of an abnormal case, stop eating and consult an expert.
5. Be careful because it may be damaged by wrapping paper when opening or ingesting. 

Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature
Keep out of reach of children
After opening the product, seal it to avoid moisture and store it

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