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PAUL MEDISON Panthella Peeling Gel 10.4 oz/Big Size/Mild/Korea Top 2 /Exfoliates

PAUL MEDISON Panthella Peeling Gel 10.4 oz/Big Size/Mild/Korea Top 2 /Exfoliates

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PAUL MEDISON Panthella Peeling Gel 155ml x 2EA

The product has been renewed to become more special than the existing brand.

Water Peeling

Hypoallergenic Moisturizing Exfoliation

Filling gel that gently exfoliates with Panthenol and Centella Asiatica and helps with pore collection and moisture supply
Pore care

Hypoallergenic exfoliation
Water peeling-exfoliated moisture supply
To take care of your pores at once
Contains lemon chestnut leaf extract, Witch hazel extract, Lemon grass extract, and Apple mint leaf extract for tightening care


Who want to gently exfoliate,
Who is worried about makeup,
Who with rough skin
Who need to take care of waste and pores
To moisturize dry skin,

3 steps Pantella peeling

1. Cellulose adsorbs and removes dead skin cells, sebum, and waste
2. Take care of pores where dead skin cells and wastes have been removed with pore care ingredients such as Lemon balm, Peppermint, and Witch hazel extract
3. Water moisturizing ingredients such as beta-glucan, folding screen extract, and panthenol form a moisture film to complete smooth skin texture
- Moisturized water peeling
Centella Asiatica 
Hyaluronic acid
- Pore tightening
Apple Mint Leaf Extract
Camelgrass extract
lemon chestnut leaf extract
Virginia Poongnyeon Leaf Extract
Upgraded capacity for more than 15 additional use for affordable use
Gently exfoliates rough skin with a high-quality cream that applies evenly to the skin
It's also effective for exfoliating your body, such as elbows and knees

How to use
1. Apply an appropriate amount to the dry face, avoiding eyes and leaves, and massage gently.
2. Wash thoroughly with lukewarm water so that there is no residue on the skin.

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