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OHUI The First Geniture For Men All-In-One Serum 90ml Gift Set/Wrinkle/O HUI

OHUI The First Geniture For Men All-In-One Serum 90ml Gift Set/Wrinkle/O HUI

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O HUI The First Geniture For Men All-In-One Serum 90ml/Wrinkle/Firming/Brightening

A bottle of wrinkle improvement, elasticity, whitening, and moisturizing solution provides energy and moisture to tired skin to make your skin more confident

All-in-one serum with wrinkle improvement/elasticity/moisturization/whitening solution in one bottle to finish smooth and moist without stickiness

Sufficient energy and moisture for tired skin

* Wrinkle Improvement, Whitening Double Functionality

How to use

After washing your face, pump it 1-2 times on your palm and lightly apply it all over your face.

These products will make skin moist and healthy and protect against various harmful environmental factors.

💦 Order of use

Face & Body Cleanser > All-in-One Serum > Sunblock > Tone-Up Cream > BB Cream > Lip Balm

Set Includes

The First For Men All-in-One Serum 90ml

The First For Men Refreshing Cream 25ml

The First For Men Tinted Lip Balm 5g

The First For Men Daily Sun Block 10ml


The First For Men Face & Body Cleanser 80ml

💦Refreshing cream

Men's moisturizing cream that instantly feels rich and creates a dense moisture environment as soon as you apply the skin of a man who is oily on the outside but lacks moisture or moisture on the inside, and the texture full of ultra-low molecular hyaluronic acid.

💦Lip balm

It's not sticky, but it's moist and has a natural color, so it's lively.

For men, it's a moisturizing effect with a clean texture that doesn't get oily.


Natural and lively lips with a subtle color.

Manufacturer : LG Household Inc. / Republic of Korea

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