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OHUI The First Geniture Emulsion 150ml+Sym-Micro Essence 30ea/1.69 fl oz

OHUI The First Geniture Emulsion 150ml+Sym-Micro Essence 30ea/1.69 fl oz

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OHUI The First Geniture Emulsion 150ml

As the relaxation/protection stage of The First Cell Revolution Program, the highly enriched nourishing lotion has an essence-like texture and combines The First’s key ingredient, rHSCP(recombinant Human Stem Cell Protein), with highly nourishing royal jelly to leave skin texture smooth and supple.

How to Use: 
After essence application, apply evenly along the skin texture as of giving a light massage over the entire face.

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O HUI The First Geniture Sym-Micro Essence 1ml x 50 ea /50ml /1.69 fl.oz


This essence is the most innovative product for various signs of skin aging. The essence contains rich amount of growth energy discovered from the growth and maturity of peony with powerful vitality to softly and tightly adhere to the skin and fortify the facial skin.


For all seasons


Brightens the skin tone

Antioxidant-rich formulation

Refines and improves the skin 

Softly adheres, soothes and revitalizes the stressed skin

Enhances skin elasticity

Contains Gen-Biotics ™ Formula

How to Use: 

After using a skin softener, take 1 to 2 times of the product and apply it over your face with warm palms from inner to outer skin texture. Pat gently for better absorption.

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