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OHUI Miracle Aqua Essence 45ml & Gel Cream 50ml /Hydration/Water veil essence

OHUI Miracle Aqua Essence 45ml & Gel Cream 50ml /Hydration/Water veil essence

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OHUI Miracle Aqua Essence 45ml

Skin essence that contains the tapping-and-pooping water of Jeju to moisten the skin thoroughly and the Aurora Hyaluronic acid™ to fill in the skin uniformly, from the surface to the inside, for completing the smooth and flawless skin.

A skin-hydrating essence with 3-step transformation for intensive hydrating:
1) The naturally derived oil ingredients slide smoothly along the skin texture instantly upon application to the skin
2) Several taps on skin pop the water of Jeju on the instant and moisten the skin,
3) ) Aurora Hyaluronic acid™ makes the texture of the hydrated skin moist and smooth.

This is water veil essence. For strengthening skin’s moisture barrier, intensive hydrating, and improving the texture of hydrated skin.

How to Use: 

After applying skin softener, pump the product once or twice and lightly smooth over the face, from the inside outwards, along your skin texture.


OHUI Miracle Aqua Gel Cream 50ml

A light gel-textured skin-hydrating cream that delivers a surge of hydration to the skin and keeps the texture of hydrated skin smoothly even

This is a compactly textured, plentifully moisturizing gel cream. Aurora Hyaluronic acid™ intensively provides moisture to the skin, from the surface to the inside, to keep the skin smooth and tight, so this skin-hydrating cream helps your makeup seamlessly blend into the skin without getting caked.

How to Use: 

At the last step of skincare routine, take a pearl-size amount of the product and gently apply to the face, from the center of the face outwards, rolling along your skin texture.

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