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OHUI Meister for Men Foam 130ml

OHUI Meister for Men Foam 130ml

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O HUI Meister for Men Foam 130ml 

O Hui Meister for Men contains gold label balsamic vinegar, an antioxidant ingredient that has been completed with long-time devotion and wisdom of a meister. 

These products will make skin moist and healthy and protect against various harmful environmental factors.

The product is a men's cleansing foam that removes skin wastes and excess sebum with fine bubbles and soft scrubs.
It removes excess sebum and dead skin cells, the cause of oily skin with micro foam and soft scrubs.
It helps make rough skin texture smooth and fresh.

[How to use]

Apply to wet face and rub with fingertips using circular motion, avoiding the eye area.
Massage the areas such as around the nose, mouth and between the eyes more carefully, then rinse with clean water.

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