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OHUI Age Recovery Skin 150ml & Emulsion 140ml

OHUI Age Recovery Skin 150ml & Emulsion 140ml

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O HUI Age Recovery Skin 150ml

O HUI's super anti-aging line instantly diminishes visible signs of aging. 

It helps build up Type 3 collagen - the "Baby collagen", which is responsible for reducing wrinkles and making the skin return to childlike softness and elasticity.

* Enhances skin's production of Baby collagen (Type 3 collagen)

* Super effective anti-aging line

* This milky texture, highly concentrated softener contains vital nutrition for powerful anti-aging care. 

*This formula preps the skin for optimal absorption of Baby collagen to help the skin return to the childlike complexion.

O HUI Age Recovery Emulsion 140ml

Serum with Highly concentrated Snow Vitamin creates transparent skin

* Skin brightening effect

* Snow vitamin complex


The highly functional power of Snow vitamin complex combined with the cutting edge technology from O HUI results in a brightening line which focuses on improving dark spots, uniformity of skin tone and texture to deliver radiant skin with a beautiful glow.

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