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MUKAN Homme Natural Cover BB Cream 50ml+Pore Cover Primer 30ml/Oily /Uneven Skin

MUKAN Homme Natural Cover BB Cream 50ml+Pore Cover Primer 30ml/Oily /Uneven Skin

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MUKAN Homme Natural Cover BB Cream 50ml/1.69 fl oz

#Men'sToneUp #White and wrinkle improvement functionality

BB cream that's natural as if not use of it

Water content up for oily men

Oil content down

It's thin, light, and moist like a lotion.

Neutral near water (pH7)

It reduces irritation and helps keep skin barriers healthy. 

Contains niacinamide and adenosine

Helps whitening and wrinkle improvement

How to use

1. Wash your face before use and use basic skin care such as toner and lotion

2. If the pore size is wide, it can be covered by applying BB after using primer(if needed)

3. BB uses a similar or small amount of lotion

4. Spread thinly from the inside to the outside of your face like a lotion. Don't strain it and apply it gently.

5. If you have a lot of blemishes, it is recommended to use a concealer after using BB. (if needed)

6. It's an oil-based BB cream, so it can be washed with regular foam cleansers. 

Three types of makeup

Before using BB 

Mukan Homme Pore Cover Primer 30 ml

It fills in the wide pores smoothly

Sweat from pores, helps to control sebum release

After using BB 

Mukan Homme Perfect Spot Concealer 2 ml 

After using BB, apply it to spots that are not covered, scars, blemishes, dark circles, etc.

Easy to use with a puff on the other side

MUKAN Pore Cover Primer 30ml

Completely covers bumps, fine wrinkles, pores, etc

Use BB cream after applying primer to maximize coverage


If you apply BB cream, your pores will stand out more

Skin with bumpy skin that doesn't make makeup well

Oily skin that needs sebum control

When you want a smooth skin like pottery,


Before using basic makeup products such as foundation and BB cream, it is one of the basic makeup aids that fills pores or fine wrinkles.

Fill the uneven parts of the uneven pores with a primer to make the skin smooth like ceramics

To prevent the face from getting oily,

Prevent clumping of makeup due to sebum

How to use

1. Skin care such as toner and lotion after washing your face before using the product

2. Take out a small amount that is the size of the head of a cotton swab

3. Apply primer between the area with a lot of pores and the T-zone (especially the indentations on both sides of the nose) and fill in the pores as if drawing a circle

4. After 2-3 minutes of applying the product, apply BB cream on top of the primer after it gets absorbed and smooth.


5. Smoothly apply a small amount to the entire face as needed

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