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MEDIHEAL Hyalu Essence+Double Calming Water Mask 20ml 6/10/20 Sheets

MEDIHEAL Hyalu Essence+Double Calming Water Mask 20ml 6/10/20 Sheets

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Hyalu Moist Essence Mask 20ml

Mediheal's rocket solution that cares for different skin problems every day

It calmly calms down. Fill it up without gaps, Hold elastically!

# Moisturizing # 5 types of hyaluronic acid

anti-wrinkle functional Cosmetics

Moisturizing recipe considering the moisture structure of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid essence for moisture refilling at once.

Moisture balancing of dry skin

Five types of hyaluronic acid are added with aqua seal to replenish moisture to provide moisture and moisture without gaps.

Effective moisturizing cleansing with a single essence, it is recommended for these people.

- Those who need to recharge moisture for dry skin

- Those who want a moist, moisturizing effect with just one piece

- Those who want systematic moisture care in just 10 minutes

Mediheal Double Calming Water Mask 20ml

It is a water-type mask that soothes the skin mildly with mugwort & cica ingredients

Double calming care with double calming ingredients in mild water

The skinny sheet adheres to quickly absorb the essence.


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