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Mamonde Retinol Cream 60ml+Ampoule Toner 150ml/Samples/Wrinkle/Lifting

Mamonde Retinol Cream 60ml+Ampoule Toner 150ml/Samples/Wrinkle/Lifting

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 Mamonde Bakuchiol Retinol Cream/Lifting / 2.02 fl. oz.

Pores and wrinkles that have never been seen before.

When it's dry and the elasticity seems to go down...
Hypoallergenic retinol elastic cream

Pore elasticity
Skin concerns 
Early Agings
(Elasticity, Pores, Wrinkle, Dry)
95% pure retinol.
Elasticity effect


It is attracting attention as a next-generation retinol substitute as a retinol-like efficacy ingredient.

Mild but effective ingredients
- Hyaluronic Acid
Moisturizing the skin

- Panthenol
Skin protection

- Collagen 
Inside Skin
Outside Skin
Wrinkle-Improving Functional Cosmetics
Dermatology Test Completed

How to use
During the morning and evening cream use phase, take an appropriate amount and gently spread it all over the face along the skin texture. 

- Who wants to use Retinol but is worried about irritation?
- When dryness or elasticity is not improved by existing products
- When you need an easy-to-use, intensive care cream,
- When the mask marks and pillow marks are not disappear well,
- When you're worried about the wrinkles around your eyes and mouth,
- Who's worried about dry skin
- When your pores are stretched out and your skin is not as smooth as before,

Mamonde Retinol Ampoule Toner 150ml / 5 fl.oz.

Highly moisturizing anti-aging ampoule toner with pure retinol for skin elasticity
Don't worry about stimulation, don't worry about the price.
Easier and more comfortable retinol, twice a day in the morning/evening!

It can change just by changing the toner.

Retinol Toner Made by 26-year Retinol Technology of AmorePacific, a Sulwhasoo-branded company

#Vitamin C derivative 
the golden ratio 
water elasticity

Through the continuous skin safety research of AmorePacific,
German pure retinol without Encapsulation 
It combines with other ingredients to bring optimal moisture elasticity.

* Low molecular collagen.
* Hyaluronic acid
* Vitamin C derivatives
Highly concentrated ampoule-like moisture elasticity

First Steps for Intensive Care
Retinol dead skin cells/cleaning of skin texture

- Highly moisturizing-to-elasticity

Wrinkle Improvement Functionality


- Retinol, who wanted to use it, but hesitate
- Who looking for high moisturizing elastic toner
- Who looking for a moisturizing, sticky, yet refreshing toner.
- Who experiencing early aging signs

How to Use
After washing your face every morning and evening, put an appropriate amount on your hands and gently absorb it according to the skin texture.

It's good to use as a moisturizing ampoule/essence.
Skin pack.
Wet a cotton pad and use it like an ampoule pack (within 5 minutes)
Toner mist
If you need immediate hydration and nutrition, use a mist.
Using makeup.
Wet the makeup puff to make your skin look moisturized and elastic.

Manufacturer : Amore Pacific

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