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Mamonde Probiotics Ceramide Cream 60ml/Amore Pacific/Moisturizing Barrier/Dry

Mamonde Probiotics Ceramide Cream 60ml/Amore Pacific/Moisturizing Barrier/Dry

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Mamonde Probiotics Ceramide Cream 2.02 fl. oz.

Seven layers of ceramide

Moisturizing skin and strengthening barriers

The item that won four Beauty Awards!

Double Barrier Care
INSIDE & OUTSIDE Both Skin Barriers Care

Ceramides account for more than 50% of the stratum corneum of the skin 

Ceramide is a cement that fills the gap between the stratum corneum and is a key ingredient that maintains skin moisturization

Non-alcoholic green process 
It contains ceramide with high skin affinity. 
Ceramide raw materials are plant-derived ceramide with high skin affinity through self-conversion instead of chemical catalysts 

Instant improvement in 1 hour with a single use
48-hour moisturizing barrier
Healthy skin after 4 weeks

Mamonde Probiotics Ceramide Toner 6.76 fl. oz

Skin barrier from moisturizing 
Translucent milk-colored, high-moisturizing skin

Fast absorption
Not sticky and refreshing

Dry inside
Moisturizing barrier
Stimulus worries
Moist sunblock
Hypoallergenic products

Wrinkle Improvement Functionality
Dermatology tested
Hypoallergenic test completed

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