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MADECA CREAM Power Boosting Formula Cream 50ml+Toning Essence Treatment 30ml

MADECA CREAM Power Boosting Formula Cream 50ml+Toning Essence Treatment 30ml

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MADECA Toning Essence Treatment

Moist essential water keeps your skin fresh and nutritious.

It helps to quickly soothe the skin irritated by dryness.


Smooth gloss

nutrition/water supply

Skin texture improvement

Centella Asiatica 87% 

It helps to soothe the skin and control the skin with excellent moisturizing effects.

How to use it 

If you soak the essence in a cotton pad and wipe it along with the skin texture, you can meet moist and flexible skin. 

If you need emergency sedation, put a cotton pad soaked with enough essence on your skin to use it as a pack.

MADECA CREAM Power Boosting Formula Cream 50ml/Centellian Madeca Cream

More powerful ingredients, absorption, and antioxidant properties
All-in-one functional cream 
 - Whitening, wrinkle improvement function

Better absorption
Skin protection
Elasticity improvement
Antioxidant power
Moisturizing power improvement

Centella Asiatica
Alkanim Complex
Elastic 3 Core Complex

Moisture / Soothing and Protection / Brightening / Lifting / Glossy exfoliation / Flickering care

Skin irritation test completed

Madeka Protective Protection System
Microfilm formation that protects the skin in cold and dry environments and reduces oiliness in hot and humid environments

How to Use
After washing your face in the morning and evening, take out an appropriate amount at the last step of skin care and absorb it evenly throughout your face.

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