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I Love Herb Steam/Hot Pack S/Khaki/Knees/Shoulders/Waist/Natural Herbs/Korea/FDA

I Love Herb Steam/Hot Pack S/Khaki/Knees/Shoulders/Waist/Natural Herbs/Korea/FDA

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I Love Herb Steamer/Hot/Cold Pack/Khaki


Aromatherapy at home with natural herbs.

The contents are safe with a clean finish.

U.S. FDA Certification/Korea KC, Far-Infrared, Anion Certification

Multipurpose poultice pack that can be solved at once on knees/shoulders/waist

1. Fragrant herbal poultice

How to absorb the good ingredients of herbs indirectly through the skin

2. 40 pure cotton

Don't worry about opening up. Stay warm for a long time

The fabric is dense and the temperature is maintained for a long time, so the thermal conductivity is high.

It's hygienic and easy to wash because it doesn't get too fine dust

The softness of the touch of the skin

3. You can feel the strong scent of herbs using only dry herbs. 

Carefully select only good ingredients





4. Ergonomic design allows for good adhesion and comfortable use


Aroma herb scent

Use only good ingredients (hubs)

Safe from electromagnetic waves without direct contact with electricity

Hygienic and clean use due to the sterilization effect of microwave ovens

Microwave heating time 1-2 minute

Microwave for oven (with rotating plate) Within 1 minute

Microwave for oven (no rotating plate) within 30 seconds

How to use

1. Use a sprayer to lightly spray water 2-3 times on the front and back sides of the Steam pack.

2. Fold 2-3 times to prevent Velcro from directly touching the rotary plate and place in the microwave

3. Place the heat pack in the center so that the microwave rotary plate rotates well.

4. Heat for the recommended amount of time.

For additional heating, heat it for 15-30 seconds

Precautions for washing

1. If it doesn't have a cover, shake the pack with a small amount of detergent and wash it by hand

2. If there's a cover, just wash the cover

3. For replacement, take out the herb pouch and hand wash it

Hot Poultice

1. Microwave 

Use a sprayer to spray water on the poultice pack. 

Put it in a disposable plastic bag or microwave oven container and heat it for the recommended time

Cold Poultice


Put the poultice pack in a plastic pack and store it in a refrigerated or frozen state for 30-1 hours, then use a cold compress

Tip When applying massage cream and covering with a towel or blanket, the effect is even better. 

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