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Hera Sun Mate Daily SPF35 / PA+++70ml x 2ea /Sunblock and Makeup base/2-in-One

Hera Sun Mate Daily SPF35 / PA+++70ml x 2ea /Sunblock and Makeup base/2-in-One

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Hera Sun Mate Daily SPF35 / PA+++ 70ml x 2ea

  • Sun Protector with [Dermo Network Protection 2.0] System.
  • Sunblock and makeup base with a light finish.
  • Dermatologist tested.

HERA's sun care line was born to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays external irritants, pollution, and other environmental threats as stress that may disrupt the internal makings of the skin.

HERA Sum Mate Line adopts its original Dermo Network Protection 2.0 System to form a powerful protection against ultraviolet rays. Each product combines a mixture of highly formulas designed to thoroughly protect the skin in a variety of environments.


  • Day/Night : Day - Concerns : Sun Protection, Coverage HERA Sun Mate Daily SPF35 PA+++ is a cream-type sunblock designed for everyday use, ideal for blocking indoor sunlight that enters through the windows.??

The powerful sunblock protects the skin from UVA rays that accelerate aging. HERA's original UVA Advanced Shield formula was specifically engineered to block UVA rays, the direct cause of aging when it comes to sunlight.

  • Effect : Protects the skin from ultraviolet rays(SPF35 PA+++)Application : Apply an appropriate amount on areas that need protection from ultraviolet rays.
  • Usage : 0.5ml(Diameter:1.8cm)
  • How to use

Apply an appropriate amount to the face, working from the center out.

When applying, be mindful of the forehead, nose ridge, and upper cheekbones where there is more sun exposure.
Be sure to not get any into your eyes.
Wipe leftover content around the nozzle and close the lid tightly, then store in room temperature.

  • 70ml

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