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DASHU Perfume Deo Body Spray Blue 200ml+Deep Woody 200ml Set/No Irritation

DASHU Perfume Deo Body Spray Blue 200ml+Deep Woody 200ml Set/No Irritation

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Fresh Blue 200ml (No Odor, Moisturizing)

- DASHU is a cosmetic company based in Korea focusing on personal care products. 

- DASHU have been developing organic and natural skincare and hair care products since 2001. 

- Provide effective premium products derived from all-natural ingredients for our customers' health and well-being. 

- Remove unpleasant odors. Zinc ricinoleate and chaenomeles sinensis fruit extract helps to get rid of odors

- Soothing effects. Natural ingredients moisturize and soothe skin

- Contains vitamin complex. Made with 9 different vitamin complex to keep skin healthy


- Zinc cricinoleate ingredient helps to remove unpleasant odor

- A fresh scent containing the coolness of the sea lasts a long time

- Moisturizes and soothes the irritated skin with naturally derived ingredients


- 9 different kinds of vitamins make your skin healthy 


DASHU Perfume Deo Body Spray Deep woody 
    - Deep woody Scent
        A fresh scent that feels like walking in a rainy forest

    - Body mist for men.
        It doesn't smell unpleasant. It's a refreshing perfume refresh.

    - Help me get rid of the smell 
        It doesn't have an unpleasant or uncomfortable smell.

        Zincrissinoliette extracted from seeds of the plant.
        The tannin of European quince extract reduces skin convergence and sebum secretion. It takes care of the smell 
        caused by excessive sweat and moisture.

    - Strong perfume
        The fresh scent of the ocean lasts for a long time.
        The average duration is 4 to 5 hours. A scent that satisfies both men and women. Ingredients that are harmless to 
        the human body.

    - Moisturizing and calming.
        Moisturize and soothe skin with natural ingredients. 

    - Skin health. 
        It contains 9 vitamins to keep your skin lively and healthy.
        It helps skin elasticity, sebum secretion suppression, exfoliation, and skin vitality.

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