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DASHU Daily Anti-Hair Loss Hair Tonic 150mlx2ea/10.14oz./Low-Irritation/Herb

DASHU Daily Anti-Hair Loss Hair Tonic 150mlx2ea/10.14oz./Low-Irritation/Herb

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DASHU Daily Anti-Hair Loss Hair Tonic 150mlx2ea

Product Detail

It's an era where you take care of your scalp every day
Making a healthy scalp is the key to relieving hair loss symptoms
Functionality to relieve hair loss symptoms
Hypoallergenic testing completed

Quick absorption
Calming effect
Nourishment supply
Cooling effect

Thinning hair
Itchy scalp worry

Use sensitive and troubled scalp with confidence

Poripidium Cruentum Extract - Healthy Hair Care with Protein
White rice flower extract - scalp irritation Wan Lua
Guarana seed extract-helps with dandruff and itching concerns

Step 1 Dead Skin Care for scalp 

Step 2. Calm down your scalp
Provitamin B5 Dexpanthenol
Intensive scalp care stimulated by 7 soothing ingredients

Step 3 Hair Protection
3 Proteins
Hydrolide protein, silk, keratin ingredients
combined herbal extract 
Ginseng extract, mulberry root extract, etc

Step 4 Cooling
Menthol content keeps you fresh for a long time

Utilizing Tips
When you're worried about hair loss before using wax or spray
When you want to cool your scalp under the hot sun
When you're worried about hair loss and hair loss
When your head is stressed out with a lot of dandruff
When your hair is thin and thin and static electricity easily occurs
Before and after working out
When your scalp is dry and itchy
When you're worried about your scalp because you often use hair-raising agents such as black vegetables

How to use
Shake the product enough before using it
Spray an appropriate amount so that it directly touches your scalp
Scrub the scalp as if massaging using fingerprints to ensure sufficient absorption.

Q. There's a lot of sediment floating in the water
Don't worry! It's a precipitate from herbal extracts, so it's harmless to the human body.
If you shake it and use it, most of it melts and releases.

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