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DASHU Daily Anti-Hair Loss Hair Cushion 26g/Natural Black/Water Proof/Easy Wash

DASHU Daily Anti-Hair Loss Hair Cushion 26g/Natural Black/Water Proof/Easy Wash

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DASHU Daily Anti-Hair Loss Hair Cushion 


Natural Black

Water Proof

Product Detail

It can only be used in the desired area, creating a natural richness
Products that are resistant to moisture and are less affected by powder flying and wind
Minimize irritation to scalp and hair by using naturally derived extracts
Removed cleanly without leaving any residue with a single shampoo
Excellent cost-effectiveness as it can only be applied to the desired area with a puff

- It creates natural hair
- The forehead and parting line that's getting wider and wider
- When you want increase hair and cover gray hair at the same time
- When you're struggling with powder flying
- When you want a product that doesn't stand out from sweat, rain, or wind
- When you want it to be easy and easy to use without getting it on your hands

1. Coverage
Natural cover

2. Waterproof

3. Protect your scalp and hair
Naturally derived extract

4. Easy Wash Off
Complete cleansing without leaving any residue after one cleansing

5. No Powder flying
There is no powder flying.

How to Use

1. Open the outer cap and turn the puff shoulder to open
2. Grasp the center protrusion or edge of the inner cap and pull it up to pull it out.
3. After removing the inner cap, turn the puff shoulder to close it and pat it on the back of your hand until the powder comes out through the puff.
4. Apply an appropriate amount to the area you want to cover.

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