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Danahan Goyun Skincare/Red Ginseng Vinegar/Wrinkle/Brightening/Moisture

Danahan Goyun Skincare/Red Ginseng Vinegar/Wrinkle/Brightening/Moisture

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 **Red Ginseng Vinegar Cream 55ml

- Richly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, leaving it radiant and supple.


 **Red Ginseng Vinegar Serum 45ml

- Infuses deep and intense nutrition into the skin, promoting a glowing complexion.

 **Red Ginseng Vinegar Emulsion 150ml

- Provides deep and rich nutrients, enveloping the skin in a smooth and elastic texture.

 **Red Ginseng Vinegar Toner 150ml

- Forms a rich moisturizing barrier on dry and rough skin, caring for the skin texture.

 **Red Ginseng Vinegar Foam Cleansing 120ml

- Dense and fine foam thoroughly cleanses the skin, removing impurities.

Indulge in the luxurious blend of traditional Korean herbal extracts with DANAHAN for skin that's nourished, rejuvenated, and glowing with vitality! 

3 Fermented Red Ginseng Vinegar

Highly concentrated essence

Safe use of KOREA red ginseng that has been tested by KGC Ginseng Corporation (Korea's leading ginseng company)

Red ginseng fermented vinegar - Traditional method 3-stage natural fermentation

Probiotics - pH suitable for skin

8 Natural Ingredients

Tanahan High Yoon Red Ginseng Plant Essence 

Capacity 45ml (Essence) / 55ml (Cream)

Country of Manufacture South Korea

Manufacturer Cosmos Co., Ltd.


DANAHAN is a combination of the word "Dana," which means the beauty of elegant and neat Korean women, and the word "Han," which means one or all, which means one or all. It encompasses thousands of years of natural herbal wisdom and modern skin science as "one," reinterpreting tradition and modern natural beauty to become "one," and contains Danahan's will to create one and only skin for himself through consistently neat and harmonious beauty. Danahan aims to shine the elegant natural beauty of elegant and elegant women by taking care of the inside and outside of the skin with Danahan's natural herbal medicine, which has long been recognized for its efficacy, selected and refined based on long observation and strict standards.

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