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Cure Skincare Set/Toner+Emulsion+Antiaging+Signature Cream Aloe Oil/Lifting

Cure Skincare Set/Toner+Emulsion+Antiaging+Signature Cream Aloe Oil/Lifting

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Cure Skincare Set

Phyto Green Toner 130ml
Phyto Green Emulsion 130ml
Anti-Aging Cream S30 ml
Signature 3X Cream 50ml

Phyto Green Toner 130ml: whitening, wrinkle improvement double functional cosmetics using aloe oil
Peato Green Emulsion 130m: Whitening using aloe oil, improving wrinkles Double functional cosmetics l
Anti-aging Cream S 30ml: Anti-aging cream that absorbs moisture, moisturizing, calming, whitening, and even oxidizing
Signature 3X Cream 50ml: Triple Wrinkle Improvement Lifting Cream

Kim Jeong-moon Aloe, which has been studying aloe for 46 years, is a representative brand of aloe cosmetics that Koreans have loved for a long time. 

Production Process
1. Collecting aloe vera skins grown in Jeju, a clean area
2. Freeze drying Aloe Skin
3. Mixed with aloe leaf dry powder
4. Cold supercritical extraction
5. Precious aloe leaf peel oil extraction

Mild anti-aging without irritation

Artificial pigments, artificial flavors, parabens of 7 kinds, and steroids of 39 kinds 

Improvement of skin condition
Hydrolized pea protein / phytosterol / squalane / olive oil / ceramide yenp / sheaver

Skin barriers
ceramide/cholesterol/palmitic acid

Soothing of the skin
Aloe vera juice/Centella Asiatica
/Green tea extract /Panthenol

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