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Cure+ Signature 3X Cream 50ml X 2ct/3.38 fl.oz/Wrinkle/Antiaging/Brightening

Cure+ Signature 3X Cream 50ml X 2ct/3.38 fl.oz/Wrinkle/Antiaging/Brightening

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Cure+ Signature 3X Cream 50ml X 2ct

Kim Jungmoon Aloe Cure Signature 3X Cream with 30 Years of History!

Kim Jungmoon Aloe La Sense Loe Cure Signature 3X Cream 50ml x 2

Product Features
3x Aloe Core Ingredients UP!: 300% upgrade of Aloe Leaf Extract Ingredients! 0.04% > 0.12% compared to Cure Plus Cream!

Helps improve skin density!: Helps improve wrinkles around the forehead, palms, and eyes! Helps improve skin density! Helps lift facial cheek areas!

Brightening effect brightens skin complexion!: It brightens skin that has become stained due to external environment and aging, and helps relieve spots.

Cream that helps with antioxidant!: It is an anti-aging cream that helps moisturize and last longer with just one 3X cream, and helps with antioxidant effects as a result of the finished product's extracorporeal test.)

6 key points of Kim Jungmoon Aloe Siegidache 3X Cream!
Point 1: A special melting formula that's good to spread on your face
Point 2: 2 key ingredients!: Aloe vera-Helps collagen activation! & Aloe avorescence-Helps antioxidant!
Point 3: Fine-particleization technology that effectively delivers the active ingredients of aloe to the skin by helping with absorption rate!
Point 4: Cream to aid in antioxidation: Finished product extracorporeal test completed!
Point 5: Upgraded ingredients: (Moisture + Moisture / Anti-oxidation / Whitening / Skin soothing) and 3 patented ingredients (Hub Complex / Dermaclera / AlphaVisabol)
Point 6:11 Human Application Test Completed!: Triple crease improvement / sedative care / skin tone care / moisturizing care / elastic care

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