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Cure Maxi Aloevera Gel Cream 250ml x 2ea/Soothing/Cooling/Calming/11 Free

Cure Maxi Aloevera Gel Cream 250ml x 2ea/Soothing/Cooling/Calming/11 Free

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It's a premium soothing gel from soothing to moisturizing. Tension up with Cure Maxi Aloe Vera Gel Cream on sagging and sagging skin.

- Product composition.
Kim Jung Moon Aloe La Sense Roa Cure Maxi Aloe Vera Gel Cream 250ml. x2

- Product characteristics.
It contains 91% aloe vera leaf juice.
Live aloe vera leaf juice, grown and processed in Jeju, a clean area for 1,000 days, is contained as the highest among the basic products of the Cureline, helping to soothe the skin.
Premium aloe soothing gel.

Candelabra aloe leaf (avoresense) extract, which helps antioxidant effect, helps to make skin elastic.
Mild and non-sticky aloe moisturizing cream.
Aloe moisturizing cream with only good ingredients.
It's moisturizing like you put it on in the morning for 24 hours a day.

11 ingredients that I'm worried about.
All-purpose cream that is used in various ways such as sleeping pack, soothing gel, moisture cream, massage cream, etc. without adding 11 worry ingredients such as artificial fragrance, artificial pigment, phenoxyethanol, benzophenone, clophenesin, and parabens.

- I recommend this to these people.
It's light and fresh. Face moisturizing care.
It calms down your irritated skin.
Refrigerate it and take care of the refrigerator and take care of it.
Apply thickly to hydrate your skin.
Aftershave: Calm your skin after shaving
Soothing care with strong UV rays.
Arm, leg, elbow, back of hand, whole body lotion.

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