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Cure+ Intensive 2X cream 50g X 2 ea / Aloe

Cure+ Intensive 2X cream 50g X 2 ea / Aloe

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Cure+ Intensive 2X cream 50g X 2 ea

Total care with one multi-balm! Cure care that suits you with various uses!

product composition
Kim Jungmoon Aloe Lasense Lowe Cure Intensive Exx Cream 50g x2
product characteristic
200% upgrade of core ingredient candelabra aloe leaf extract!
It helps with holding moisture for 100 hours!
Suitable for sensitive skin!
Soft application that melts away!
It smells like vegetable essential oils!
It contains skin moisturizing and shield propolis extract!
Contains 17 types of moisturizing layering vegetable oils

I recommend it to these people.
sensitive skin due to dryness
dry and dry skin
rough and lifeless skin
flaky skin
dry skin due to cold wind
dry lips
Any part of your dry and dry body,

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