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Cure Aqua Soothing Sun Gel 50mlX2EA,SPF50+, PA++++/Calming/Aloe/Sweatproof

Cure Aqua Soothing Sun Gel 50mlX2EA,SPF50+, PA++++/Calming/Aloe/Sweatproof

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Cure Aqua Soothing Sun Gel 50mlX2,SPF50+, PA++++

Soothing Sun Gel

For skin that is irritated by the external environment 

1. Use by the whole family

2. Mild sun care without irritation with no artificial colors or artificial flavors added

3. Strong UV protection and aftercare (cooling effect of aloe)

4. Light and moist texture

Light and refreshing without white cast and shine

Moist type that applies smoothly

Soothes skin that is stimulated by the sun with aloe

Cure is specializes in aloe that has been loved for a long time in Korea 

Kim Jungmoon uses aloe grown in Jeju, Korea for 1,000 days

One-stop system

Keep it fresh with a one-stop system that processes aloe in six hours



UV protection is very powerful 

Basic Cleansing is ok / Easy Cleansing


#4Double Hyaluronic Acid

#Vitamin D derivative

#Biotin, Panthenol, Centella

Calming/Cooling effect

Skin irritation test completed


In the last step of skin care, spread it evenly on the exposed area of ultraviolet rays.

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