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Cheongchun Cosmetics Intensive Freckle Cream 7 oz/Melasma/Wrinkle/Big size

Cheongchun Cosmetics Intensive Freckle Cream 7 oz/Melasma/Wrinkle/Big size

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Intensive Moisturizing Soothes

Volume : 200g / 7.05 oz

This highly concentrated whitening product naturally helps fades freckles and spots and brightens skin tone. Intensive Moisturizing Soothes

Explosive Reaction and Repurchase Rates Prove by Reviews in Korea

The more you leave it alone, the darker it gets! 

Stain care is essential for people in their 20s and 50s!!!

Increase the capacity!

Fill up the amount of effectiveness

Improved outer, inner, and hyperpigmentation

Reduce blemishes, improve wrinkles

Skin tone improvement

Validation of improvements completed after 4 weeks of use

Whitening, wrinkle improvement, double functionality

Skin protection, hydration

Ingredients such as shea butter, centella, and madecasoside

Eliminate unnecessary costs such as excessive packaging 

Lower the price! Focus on ingredients

Melasma mitigation

Wrinkles improvement

Whitening effect

Clinical trial results to help relieve spots, pigmentation, improve skin tone, and improve wrinkles (improved after 4 weeks of use)

Completion of skin irritation clinical trial


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