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Charmzone Ginkgo Soothing Mask 30 Sheets/Daily/Calming/Refreshing/Korea

Charmzone Ginkgo Soothing Mask 30 Sheets/Daily/Calming/Refreshing/Korea

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Daily skin care sheet mask

Aloe vera #Moisturizing & Calming
Pomegranate #Lively
Ginko #Calm & Refresh
Blueberry #Elastic and Glossy
Hyaluronic acid #Moisturizing & Skin Flexibility

Aloe Vera Moisture Mask
Contains 5 ppm of aloe vera juice
1. Moisturizing and soothing effects

Lavender water
Other plant derived ingredients

2. Freshness without stickiness
Moist essence formulation

3. Sheet with excellent adhesion
Increased skin absorption

Pomegranate Mask

1,000 ppm pomegranate extract
With the red energy of pomegranates, it's a vital care 

Ginkgo Soothing Mask
50 ppm ginkgo leaf extract

Soothing & refreshing with the strong energy of ginkgo trees

Blueberry Firming Mask
Low Sweet Blueberry Extract 1,000ppm
With the firmness of blueberries, elasticity and gloss care

Hyaluron Hydrating Mask
Contains octahedral hyaluronic acid
Moisturizing skin softening care

Marine Collagen
Amino acid
True Rose of Jericho Extract

How To Use
1. After washing your face, cleanse your skin with toner, and put the mask on your face.
2. Take off the mask after a 15-20 minute break.
3. Tap the remaining essence to absorb it.

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