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AHC Vital Golden Collagen Youth Total Care Set/5 Items

AHC Vital Golden Collagen Youth Total Care Set/5 Items

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Born in a skincare clinic, AHC provides healthy skin that shines with esthetic glow by incorporating the know-how of esthetics, which has managed various skin types, in a bottle.

From Aesthetic Clinic Skin Care to for Everyone

- AHC has been introduced for 20 years through the hands of estheticians at Korean esthetic clinics in Korea.
- From Aesthetic care for the minority to skin care for everyone
- Highly enriched formula and customized care help you shine more on your natural beauty

AHC Vital Golden Collagen Youth Total Care Set

Toner 140ml / 4.73 fl oz
Lotion 140ml / 4.73 fl oz
Cream 50g /1.76 fl oz
Eye cream 30ml / 1 fl oz
Ampoule 50ml /1.76 fl oz

AHC Best 5 Compositions with Cost-effectiveness
More upgraded
Best Basic Set

Whitening, nutrition, wrinkles, moisturizing.

From eye cream season 6 to season 9,
Stage 3 Season Upgrade
Sensitive Skin

Gold & Collagen Synergy
Premium ingredients
Differentiated skin care

Glow care
Elasticity care
Moisturizing care
Wrinkle care
Total skin care

Vital Golden Collagen Toner 140ml/4.73 fl oz

1. Contains gold and water-soluble collagen

2. Vitamin C (iCobic Acid) & Pearl Powder
Bright and lively care.
radiant skin

3.Gel Essence Toner's texture care
Glowing skin

Vital Golden Collagen Lotion 140ml/4.73 fl oz

1. Contains gold and water-soluble collagen

2. Vitamin C (iCobic Acid) & Pearl Powder
Bringing a Bright Life

3. Concentrated formulation

Vital Golden Collagen Cream 50g /1.76 fl oz

1. Contains gold and water-soluble collagen

2. Vitamin C (iCobic Acid) & Panthenol Components
Bright moisturizing and glowing care.

3. Sticky cream.

Youth Lasting Eye Cream for Face 30ml /1 fl oz

1. Human-like components
Contains peptides
Eye cream that you apply all over your face.
It helps with elasticity, density, and lifting of your skin.

2. First AHC to contain 20s biome
A comparative study on skin in the 50s and 60s of 2030 generations was found
Contains AHC 20s (Twinnis) biomes

3. Split the pores into 1/50 size particles,
Absorbs up to 10 layers of skin (corrosive layer)
Ultrafine absorption
Ultra-high pressure, ultra-fine tube, super-speed stage 3
Absorption with patented micro-methods

Capture Collagen Ampoule 50ml /1.76 fl oz

1. Formula with fermentation complex

2. Contains nutritional ingredients

3. Quick absorption

Country of manufacture Made in Korea

The Aesthetic Ritual
Daily Treatment

How to Use

1. Vital Golden Collagen Toner
After washing your face, take an appropriate amount of the product.
Clean it up as if you're wiping off the skin texture.
Softly absorbed

2. Vital Golden Collagen Lotion
After you smooth out the skin texture with toner,
Apply an appropriate amount.
Tap lightly and absorb it.

3. Capture Collagen Ampoule
After using toner in the morning and evening,
at the ampoule stage
Add 1 or 2 times of it with a drool.
Smoothly apply it all over your face.

Use your palm to absorb the contents.
Cover your face and gently press it down.

4. Youth Lasting Real Eye Cream for Face
Apply a moderate amount around your eyes.
Tap lightly and spread it out to absorb it.

Forehead, laugh lines, neck, etc
Wrinkles that you can't decide.
Dab it to absorb it lightly.

5. Baikal Golden Collagen Cream
In the morning and evening, at the stage of using cream,
Apply a moderate amount to your skin and absorb it.

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