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A.H.C/AHC/Premium Phyto Complex Cellulose Mask 27mlx5 Sheets+Season 10 Eye Cream

A.H.C/AHC/Premium Phyto Complex Cellulose Mask 27mlx5 Sheets+Season 10 Eye Cream

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A.H.C Premium Phyto Complex Cellulose Mask 27ml x 5 Sheets

A high-adhesion cellulose mask that provides customized synergy care with a bottle of nutritional and soothing ampoule

wrinkle-improving functional cosmetics

- Long lasting nutrition with a bottle of elastic ampoule

- Nutritional soothing care with elasticity, soothing, and protective ingredients

- High-adhesive cellulose sheets to help deliver ampoule quickly and evenly

It helps nourish and moisturize your skin with soybean fermentation ingredients. 

Hydrolized Collagen

It fills your skin with nutrients and helps you manage your skin with elasticity. 

Soothing, protective ingredients

It helps your tired skin calm down comfortably.

Daily Treatment

Tips for using

Equipped with a skin-tailored thermometer


It is more effective to refrigerate before use and use it when the thermometer on the back of the product turns green.

AHC TEN Revolution Real Eye Cream For Face Season 10 - 30ml 

Beyond Anti-Aging Innovation, the Elastic Revolution
Human stem cell culture fluid, human-like collagen, tight elasticity care
Whitening and wrinkle improvement dual functionality

- human stem cell 
Human stem cell culture solution containing 1,391 proteins helps to care for collagen and elastin of the skin. 

- human-like collagen
water-soluble collagen
Human-like collagen doubled compared to the previous season.
It has a viscous and tension-like texture that makes your skin healthy and elastic.

Eye Spot Care & Facial Total Care

Home Care

1. Apply all 12ml of tension cream to the entire face.
2. After leaving it for a certain period of time, spread it evenly on the skin to absorb it.

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