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[2+1] Sum37 su:m37-Secret Multi Balm 7gx3EA/Wrinkle/Smile Line/Forehead/Eye

[2+1] Sum37 su:m37-Secret Multi Balm 7gx3EA/Wrinkle/Smile Line/Forehead/Eye

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Sum37 su:m37-Secret Multi Balm 7gx3EA

Easy skin care anytime, anywhere - fast absorption, no stickiness
Natural glow with plenty of moisture
Effective anti-aging with fermented ingredients

Toner> Essence> Double Concentrate> Inhancing Emulsion> Eye Cream> Secret Cream> Multi-Bam

In the last step of skincare, turn the bottom of the container and gently spread it on the face, neck wrinkles, and areas where blemishes are concerned.

You can use it before and after makeup, and you can carry it with you from time to time.

It can be used frequently in all areas (eye area, forehead, smile, mouth area, neck) where wrinkles are roamed.
Turn the contents to within 1cm and use

Deep Origin of a Special Brand Name

 combines gentle, natural ingredients with natural fermentation process to revive the inherent power of skin. The wisdom of fermentation is also reflected in its brand name.

Natural Fermentation Research Center
Fermentation takes place in ´s Natural Fermentation Research Center, located in a clean, uncontaminated region of Korea (GangWon province), where there are no large-scale commercial facilities within 10km radius. Charcoals, fermenters made of oak, cedar and pottery are laid on the floor of the fermentation room to facilitate the fermentation of ingredients and natural microbes under optimal temperature and humidity. Then, the long wait of“Natural Fermentation”process begins.
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