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(1+1)Illiyoon-Ultra Repair Intense Care Cream 2EA/13.5fl.oz./6Free/Dry/Sensitive

(1+1)Illiyoon-Ultra Repair Intense Care Cream 2EA/13.5fl.oz./6Free/Dry/Sensitive

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Illiyoon-Ultra Repair Intense Care Cream 2EA/13.5fl.oz./6Free

Specialized in extremely dry and moisturizing

#Shea butter

Moisturizer that moisturizes and softens your skin

#Jojoba oil

Similar to skin lipids, skin moisturizer


It has big particles, so it's less irritating and takes care of dead skin cells

Highly concentrated and nutritious butter cream

Intensive care for dry areas such as calves


LOW Allergens Soft Scent

Dermatological tested 


Allergy test Completed

Size 200ml x 2ea/13.5 fl.oz.

How to Use 

Use at the final step of your skincare routine, gently spread and massage cream onto your face. 

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