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1+1 / VT Super Vital Sleeping Mask 4ml x 6ea(12-18 Sticks) k-beauty/Skin Tone

1+1 / VT Super Vital Sleeping Mask 4ml x 6ea(12-18 Sticks) k-beauty/Skin Tone

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VT Cica Vital Sleeping Mask 4ml x 6 packs

Global K-beauty powerhouse presents trendy K-beauty with innovative skin science technology, sensuous colors, and stylish design.

Whitening, vitality sleeping pack that you can apply and fall asleep with

Vita Sleeping Mask that turns dull, shadowy skin into vibrant, transparent skin overnight.

- The soothing effects of CICA and the hydrating and moisturizing effects of triple hyaluronic acid care for the skin core, while the vital energy of yuzu seed peptide and vitamin C is added to care for dull skin with a healthy clear tone.

- The thick jelly cream moisturizes and gently envelops the skin without stickiness or heaviness, soothes and moisturizes the skin while you sleep, boosting your skin to vitality.

Vitamin Tree Oil Capsules

- Capsules containing the vital energy of vitamin tree oil explode on the skin for brightening care.

*(The color of the product may change when exposed to high temperature or light (direct sunlight), but this is a phenomenon caused by the characteristics of the raw materials and there is no problem with the product, so you can use it.)

Cica Vital Sleeping Mask with improved hygiene and portability in the form of a stick pouch containing enough for one-time use.

1, Skin soothing

2, Provide clear skin

Capacity or Weight: 4ml (0.13 fl. oz.)

All skin types

Expiration date or period of use after opening: 36 months after opening, immediately after opening

How to Use :

After washing your face in the evening, take an appropriate amount at the last step of skincare, apply it all over your face except around your eyes, and tap lightly to absorb it.

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